Another shot from the home studio.

Title: Midknight Kiss
Artist: Propellers
Played: 160 times

Midnight Kiss | PROPELLERS

Title: Says She Loves Me
Artist: Aer
Played: 52 times

Says She Loves Me | Aer

Title: I'm Ready
Artist: AJR
Played: 672 times

I’m Ready | AJR

Title: The Fallen
Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Played: 117 times

The Fallen | Franz Ferdinand

Title: Come With Me Now
Artist: KONGOS
Played: 1755 times

Come With Me Now | KONGOS

Title: Stop The World I Want to Get Off With You
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Played: 1007 times

Stop the World I Want to Get Off With You | Arctic Monkeys

Title: At Night in Dreams
Artist: White Denim
Played: 137 times

At Night in Dreams | White Denim

Title: Serial Killer
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Played: 999 times

Serial Killer | Lana Del Rey


Lauren Mayberry - CHVRCHES